About Us

Our business is protecting your business.

We pride ourselves on being experts in all areas of the cyber security chain that need to work together for full protection. Our Certified security professionals are dedicated to awareness of the latest cyber security skills and cyber crime tactics. That passion, combined with our commitment to cutting edge cyber defence technology, ensures that your business is cyber aware and protected 24/7 by our Security Operations Centre team.

With 25 years of experience — in both business and technology — we understand your business’ needs & goals, and how technology fits to bring it all together. This ensures that you become Cyber Resilient — protected and able to contain a cyber attack so that your business stays operational and financially protected.


What Sets Us Apart:


Real World Experience

We have real world, tactical and strategic experience and specialize in protecting organizations, their employees, operations and corporate reputation.


Comprehensive Approach

Our leadership has 25 years of experience in the technology industry to ensure that network, cloud & web apps all work together to form the strongest security bond.


Certified Professionals

Our team is armed with cybersecurity certifications and comprehensive skills including the most up-to-date threat intelligence and techniques in risk management.

Contact Us:

(416) 800-4288